Company Profile
Company Profile

      Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd. (hereinafter refered to as " Tongyi Mining") was established in 1997. It was headquartered in Romania, and its subsidiaries are throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. In Europe, We have subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, and Poland. Our subsidiaries mainly include Tongyi Allied Logistics, Modeco Trading Co., Xianglong Hotel Co., Ltd., Dolaly Hardware and Building Materials Wholesale Market Property Management Co., Ltd., Starwood Industrial Group etc.
      Since 2008, we have integrated our business in Europe and switched to mining gradually so as to keep on developing. We have invested more than 200 million US dollars in Nigeria and established Nigeria Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd. which specializes in mining development in 2011 according to modern enterprise system in Africa, and which is a modern mining company mainly focused on prospecting, mining, milling, metallurgy, deep processing and marketing of nonferrous metals and other mineral resources. 

      At present, Tongyi Allied Mining Ltd. is headquartered in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and sets up offices in the States of Lagos, Bauchi, Plateau, Zamfara, Ogun and Ebonyi. The mining sites of our company are distributed mainly in the States of Zamfara, Katsina, Bauchi, Plateau, Ebonyi, Kaduna, Niger, Nasarawa and Taraba.
      Tongyi Mining pays much attention on talent cultivation and construction of technical team to properly sustain technology talented person for the company to make sure its production and management and sustainable development via various methods. The company has founded its own professional technical teams for laboratories, geological survey, geological prospecting and geological mining design and has teams consisted of large-scale mining rigs and professional experts. Now our company has developed 2 rock gold deposits, 2 sand gold deposits, one stannary covering nearly 80 square kilometers and one lead-zinc-silver deposit with a reserve of about 3 million tons of metal. After over 3-year survey, our company has already discovered about 80 mining sites of gold, silver, cooper, tin, molybdenum, tungsten, beryllium, lead, zinc, crystal etc., with an estimated reserve of 20 million tons. Now our company’s business has spread into most states of Nigeria and has a certain influence in Nigeria.  
      Nigeria possesses a broad and promising market prospect and great investment potential. Our company has laid a firm foundation in Nigeria mining industry. We sincerely invite the enterprises with exploration and exploitation capacity to cooperate with us in the hope of achieving win-win development.

Part of our exploitation licences

        In Nigeria, it is required to apply for relevant exploration license and exploitation license from the federal government for exploration and exploitation. The exploitation license falls into exploitation license of 25 years and small scale exploitation license of 5 years. Tongyi has finished mining two alluvial gold mines. At present, Tongyi has one tin mine on stream, 2 lead-zinc mines under exploration and in production, 2 gold mines and one marble mine under exploration. The mining licenses Tongyi has now are as follows: 6 gold mine licenses, 18 lead zinc mine licenses, 10 copper mine licenses, 2 nickel mine licenses, 2 tungsten mine licenses, 6 tin mine licenses and 2 tantalite mine licenses. We have 12 mines that contain ores of lead zinc, gold, silver and so on, 10 mines that contain ores of lead zinc copper, gold copper, gold copper silver and so on, 11 mines that contain ores of marble, granite, dolomite and so on.

         Our exploration and exploitation operations in Nigeria are carried out after legal licenses are granted to us, and therefore are legalized and standardized. The following are part of our licenses:


Tin Ore Exploitation License Valid for 25 Years

Lead-Zinc Exploitation License for         
           Small-scale Mining Valid for 5 Years  

                 Exploration License Valid for 3 Years

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